Graphic drawing

Graphic drawing


Artist in contemplation

The drawing from which I wanted to start is the one that represents the page. the graphic artist is intent on looking at his work and is deeply pleased with it.

In the hands he has the brushes of the 3 primary colors: red, yellow and blue. The screen, he “paints” on, recall the design of a Mac.







Initially it had to be a simple Heart, but then the imagination took over.

Like the previous one, still on black background.






Sport thoughts

With this work I participated in a graphic exhibition on “Sport and Health” in Castenaso (Bologna).

The central face wash dan-drawn and then scanned and colored









T-shirt for call center


T-shirts designed for workers in a call center in Bologna.

The face of the stylized operator on the front of the shirt is bleeding from an ear.










Graphic drawing